jeudi 3 novembre 2011

Go go power rangers ! ( At L.A. Yeah °^°/ )

Hello !
Well, It's been a long time I didn't write or show anything here. I had a lot of work this last two months and I moved out to Lille to live and work near my dear friend Amélie the other octopus woman, you know. We will do some good thing together, I think. New life and new projects are very exciting !

The KAMEN RIDER vs SUPER SENTAI show is starting the 5th saturday november at the Qpop gallery - Los Angeles ( 28 Astronaut E S Onizuka St 90012 ). More information here ! Click click !
Well, here is the piece I realised for the exhibition. This is embroidery on linen.
I wanted to do something like this since a long time. I love embroidery !
Many great artists are participating like Adolie DayAnna chambersAmélie FléchaisAya kakedaJunko Mizuno,  kevin Dart... and more !

Now available here !

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sefora a dit…


Madame Rhubarbe a dit…

C'est génial ! Je partage ton goût pour la broderie d'ailleurs. ^^

Amélie Fléchais a dit…


chicoumi a dit…


Alexandra "fait et rit" a dit…

adorable !!!

Jonathan Lankry a dit…

C'est super cOol !!
je kiffe le jaune :)


Very cool!!
I saw photos from exhibition and looks really good! :)

Rey a dit…

Clair c'est POP à mort !

Rozenn a dit…

Sefora, madame rhubarbe, chicoumi, alexandra, jonathan: Merci ! °u° J'ai passé une semaine a broder ça et j'ai encore de la corne sur le bout des doigts ! Mais apparemment ça valait le coup ! :)

Amélie: Ouais grosse ! Un deux !

Betowers: Thank you ! I saw it too, this exhibition seems amazing !

Rey: Grave !